Monday, August 3, 2009

Still here!

Just really busy.

Baby, Ben and I are doing well. We had an interesting week last week, including a bleeding scare that sent me (and Ben) into a complete panic and a separate trip to the ER that was less than productive. Everyone is doing well, but it was an exhausting week nonetheless. I'll post those fun stories this week at some point, but the most important parts are: Baby is great, my blood pressure is great (a tick on the low side Thursday, but fine Friday) and I'm still chipping off a few pounds (14 total) because my morning all day sickness was particularly rough last week (not horrible, but definitely not fun). Luckily, an Rx for Phenergan has curbed most of my nausea (and provided me with several nights of sound sleep). But, like I said, I promise a full and exciting update on all that (hopefully) tomorrow.

Here's my 9 Week belly shot. It's mostly bloat and a little bit of baby. My OB did say I would likely show faster this time since this is my second pregnancy. I haven't made the jump to maternity pants yet thanks to my Bella Band.




Amanda Hoyt said...

Hi Cate,
It's so good to hear from you!
I'm so sorry you had a scare. I'm praying for ya'll that all continues to go well.
Your pics are too cute :)
Hugs and many prayers,

Anonymous said...

Glad that baby is doing good.
Like the belly pictures, so excited for you :)
Hope your sickness gets better soon.

momqat said...

This is the time when people look at you and wonder "fat/pregnant? Do I dare ask?". The smart ones stay quiet!
I think you and baby look adorable!
Luv ya!