Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We (Ben and I) have spent the afternoon on the phone with pediatricians in our area. Our number one pick is not accepting patients. The next two we were debating between were both accepting patients with private insurance (which we have), but only one of them did prenatal interviews. So clearly, we went with them. We go on November 6 for our interview with who we hope to be Abbey's pediatrician.


It still hasn't really sunk in that we are having a baby. Even though I feel her move, we are almost finished with her nursery, we are setting up pediatrician appt's and getting more serious about due dates, I still don't believe we are having a baby.




momqat said...

Oh yes you are! I can tell!
Our first pediatrician came highly recommended, but he was preparing for retirement and not very aggressive when treating kids. Our second was a gem (you'd still be going to him if we hadn't moved!). Sometimes the best services are found through trial and error.

Amanda Hoyt said...

:) LOL
Too cute!
It's real and you two will be great parents!