Saturday, January 9, 2010

33 Weeks!

How far along? 33 Weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: I gained TWO pounds! YAY! So as of last Monday, my total weight gain is a whopping FOUR pounds! At our US, Abbey weighed in at 4lbs4oz, so...haha, it balances.
Maternity clothes? I had to break down and order maternity shirts yesterday (by the way-Old Navy has all their clearance at 75% off! They also have $10 off a $50 purchase online-code: CELEBRATE. I got about 15 pieces for less than $50, including shipping).
Sleep: I have had much better luck this week. Once I figured out how to arrange my 8793 pillows in a way that makes me comfortable I am sleeping through the night. YAY!
Best moment this week: Seeing Abbey on the ultrasound Wednesday, clearly bigger than she was a month ago. Watching her move around the screen and see all of her fingers and toes is so much fun and gives us so much to look forward to!
Movement: She is trying to escape. I swear she is. Ben and I laid in bed Tuesday night and watched her roll from side to side and kick and punch. I push her feet and she pushes back. She is really a crazy baby!
Food cravings: Nothing this week, really. My appetite is back in the trashcan.
Labor Signs: No, thank you.
Belly Button in or out? Seriously, Bellybutton. GIVE IT UP.
What I miss: Not having reflux!
What I am looking forward to: Our Baby Shower on the 23rd :)
Weekly Wisdom:Soak it all in. I have friends that are just finding out they are pregnant or what gender they are having and I'm almost jealous. I hate the anxiety that comes with pregnancy, especially a pregnancy following a loss, but I loved all the milestones. Leaving first tri, finding out the sex, hitting the half way mark. I can't say enough how much I'll miss this.
Milestones: Right now, every day is a milestone. I am more pregnant than I have ever been, so everyday is a huge deal. Our goal is 40 weeks, 37 at the earliest, so every day is one day closer to our goal. (I know this has been the same since the beginning but I honestly believe it.)

What is Abbey up to?

Abbey's senses are continuing to improve -- when light peeks in through your (extremely) stretched belly, her tiny eyelids and irises blink and dilate. And, she can now recognize and react to simple songs… time to start practicing lullabies! Growth (at least inside the womb) is starting to slow, and you may notice baby descend into your pelvis at the end of this month.

^^That's the second to last fruit picture! There's only ONE more! Holy crap!

And since I'm lazy, I didn't update after our appointment on Monday OR our ultrasound on Wednesday. The appointment Monday wasn't exciting. Blood pressure was 117/79, textbook perfect. I gained a whole 2 pounds. Abbey was transverse breech and my belly was measuring exactly 32 weeks.
Wednesday was more exciting because it was ultrasound day! (I can't believe I only have one more ultrasound before I get to see her in person and hold her squishy butt!) She is growing and that's the important thing! So for now, I am staying on Metformin because it does control my PCOS so well and it isn't harming Abbey. She was in the 30% overall last time and her belly measured in the 12%. This time, she was almost in the 40% and her belly had grown to the 15%! YAY Abbey! As you can see in the picture above, 4lbs2oz is the lower average for 32 week babies and our IttyBitty weighed in at 4lbs4oz! I cried I was so happy to see her growing and thriving. Her fluid levels, cord and placenta all looked amazing and as of right now IUGR is NOT a concern for our little one! God is amazing and I can't thank you all enough for your prayers and support!

One last thing, if you left your email address in the comments below, I have it! If you emailed me at and didn't get a reply, email me again. I think I got everyone back, but it's not unlike me to look over things. I'll be making the jump to the private blog probably in February, so you still have plenty of time to get in touch with me :)

I hope you are all having a great 2010! As soon as I take our Week 33 picture, I'll add both it and Week 32. Promise!

33 Weeks


momqat said...

I used to grab Chris' foot and let go. We could watch him pull his foot back and I would grab it again when he stretched. It really grossed your dad out! You faced backwards and ET was transverse, so I couldn't play with you guys as much. It's a happy thing to remember!

Kim said...

That is so great...I bet you can hardly contain it!! Congrats on the weight gain and I would love to still follow you along when you get to meet Abbey...

Erin said...

Goodness, time sure does fly! I'm so glad miss Abbey is growing and you've gained some weight =) My e-mail is, I'd love to follow you guys after Abbey is born

Megs said...

my email is i'd love to keep following after ur lil girl is born =o)

Lindy said...

Hi - I'm not sure if you got my email, but I'd like to follow Abbey's story... my email is
Thanks, hope you are both doing well!