Thursday, August 28, 2008

On the rise...

On Monday we had to go back and have our levels checked. Again. I didn't get my preferred tech, but the young guy who stuck me was great. And then we waited the dreadful hour long wait (which would me A LOT longer if Ben didn't work at the hospital and have access to all my lab work as soon as they enter the information). And we wait. And wait. And wait. They want my beta's to be around 150 or so. I swear an hour feels like 93 years. They're back.
Beta's: 440.1

Holy. Cow. That is quite the increase! Low and behold, the PA calls and wants me to come back AGAIN on Wednesday. Geez louise. I have been stuck a total of 4 times now (they missed one time and had to do it over, which caused me to udder "shit." loud enough for everyone within earshot to hear) but oddly enough, while I don't like it, I would let them stick me a million times a day for 9 months if it means we will have a healthy, happy baby come May.
So we go in again on Wednesday and my numbers do, again, exactly what they are supposed to do.
Beta's: 821
Amazing! I said a quick "Thank You, Lord" prayer and counted my many blessings.

Ben and I are so amazingly blessed and still can't believe we are sitting here waiting on a baby to arrive next Spring. We are having a child. My teacher asked how being pregnant was and for a moment I didn't realize she was talking to me! I thank God everyday for granting us this blessing and the oppurtunity to be in this position. I can't say enough times how much of a huge blessing and how unbelievably lucky we are.

In other news, I started back to school this week. This semester will be great and I really do enjoy all my classes. The only classes I have left are directly related to my major, so that makes going to school so much more fun. Our only concern right now is my TB test. I have to have one in order to go into a child care center, but we are still trying to figure out whether I can get the screening or not. Who knows. If I've learned anything throughout this whole thing, never ask Google. Google lies. Google only tells you things to scare you. Remember that.



Stephanie said...

I'm glad your numbers are going up well. :) That is great news. I go for my 3rd beta tomorrow. I am praying for good doubling again.

Rachel said...

Congrats Catie! I don't go on the Nest anymore, but happened to go looking for something and saw your news!

I am really happy for you guys. I will be saying lots of prayers for you over the next few weeks.