Monday, November 23, 2009

A Quick Rant...

If one more person says:

"Oh just you wait"

"This is only the beginning"

"You have no idea what you are in for"

"Say good-bye to your old life"

or any other negatively toned comment towards being pregnant/having a baby, I will seriously punch you in the throat. It gets effing old.

We had to years to "just wait". By the time Abbey gets here, it will be 4 months short of THREE years.

This is our new "beginning" and we are very much looking forward to it.

Of course we have no idea what we are in for. We know it will be hard and trying at times, but it will also be much wanted and prayed for.

And as for our "old life"- it was amazing, we had amazing times. But our "new life" is going to be so much more amazing than anything we experienced with just the two of us.

So keep all the negative comments to yourself. If you don't have anything nice to say about being pregnant/having children, save them for the next unhappy person who is willing to share in your misery. Because this optimistic, naive infertile and her husband are much looking forward to everything having a child entails.



SCBride2007 said...

This was MY biggest pregnancy rant too! I was so so so so very frustrated by the end that I wanted to walk around with ear plugs in. I couldn't say ANYTHING without hearing, "Oh, just you wait!" I hate negativity, and people know that!

Oh the bright side, there is an ending to the "just you wait." It pretty much stopped once she was born.

momqat said...

Just you wait! Yes, you will be exhausted at times. Yes, you will feel like "The Incredible Human Kleenex". Yes, you will feel like the one who needs time out! But, you will also experience a love that is so amazing, a sense of protection that is so fierce that it can be frightening. When you look at the face of your sleeping baby, when you count her toes for the nth time, when your finger is wrapped in her tiny hand, all of the annoying things that others have said will melt away. Enjoy being pregnant. Enjoy your baby. Savor every second. It's hard foe me to believe that my babies are grown and are having babies of their own.

magdalina said...

I get those types of comments every day and it drives me batty! The worst is when it comes from a pregnant co-worker. I just say back to her if it's so horrible why are you doing it for the 3rd time?

Jessica said...

So true! (Granted, my long-awaited pregnancy has stressed me out beyond belief, but still!) I personally am very ready for that new life to begin, as I'm sure you guys are, as well! Becoming a mom is a dream come true!

Kim said...

you just will be amazed everday and no one can tell you about the love you will feel when you hold her for the first time...just plug your ears and get ready for the best day of your lives!

Mrs. MidAtlantic said...

Amen to that! Why isn't it obvious to the rest of the world that, Duh, this is going to be a huge change!

But a wonderful change, right? Just wait till the baby comes, you have no idea how happy you will be (despite everything else)!