Monday, November 16, 2009

25 Weeks!

So, I am aware I suck at blogging lately. Between traveling, working and getting things ready for Abbey, I have NO time (not to mention the 4 hour naps that take up my afternoons).

Short Update: Things are going well! Abbey is moving constantly and growing like a weed. I'm sure I had to have gained weight by this point, I have been eating like a mad woman! I'm hungry all the time. Abbey LOVES all fruit and chocolate milk :) I had our first baby shower this week and as soon as I get the pics loaded, I'll post them. The shower was amazing and I can't thank my mom enough for throwing such an awesome party for our Abbey. Everyone who came was so, so generous and really went above and beyond for our little girl. We are so blessed and thankful!

I'll post more later, but right now, my dinner is getting cold and, as usual, I'm STARVING!



Amanda Hoyt said...

Hi Cate,
So glad to hear from you and so glad to hear that you are both doing well.
Many hugs,
P.S. I check your blog everyday to see an update. Today I was shocked to see one...I had to do a double take to make sure I was not seeing things! :) LOL

carol said...

I've done diaper cakes but never seen a diaper wreath. cute