Friday, November 14, 2008

If you ever want to know how to royally tick me off....

Break a promise to me. It is the FASTEST way to escort yourself off my "list".

If I come to you and say "Hey, there are some new and exciting things going on in our life right now, but don't tell soandso, I want to wait until everything is set in stone before we tell anyone else." What the eff do you think I DON'T want you to do? GO TELL SOANDSO. Is that a hard concept? Please. Tell me if it is.

So my idea is: KEEP YOUR EFFING MOUTH SHUT. If I trust you with something and then you go ahead and piss all over that tiny bit of trust I gave you, your relationship with me is ruined. Permanently. THIS is why I don't keep very many close friends. Primary reason.

Since the cat (or dog) is out of the bag, here is our news: We are probably going to be fostering 2 Boxer babies for a while until they find forever homes. They were a gift to someone (Please Note: Pets make terrible gifts! Don't give someone a pet as a gift!) and they could not take care of them.
We are both so excited to have these little ones in our house for a while, it will really help keep our minds off of other things going on over the past few months.
We didn't want to tell anyone for various reasons. We didn't want people to get excited and then be disappointed if it doesn't work out.
We didn't want to hear "But you already have three dogs!" Really? We have three?! I would have NEVER known! Oh My! Thanks for the heads up! Um...but really. We know we have three. They are practically the size of small horses so that makes them a little hard to miss. And really, we don't have to justify what we do or choose to do or how many animals we choose to keep to anyone. We have almost 1000 sq ft fenced in out back, it's flat and shaded and perfect for dogs. We have a little over 1700 sq ft inside, more than 1/2 of it we don't even use. We love animals, we love having them in our house, we love playing with them. That's it.

And honestly, when we were in the darkest of dark places, our dogs helped me through so much. I would pull Boston up in the bed with me and just sob into the scruff of his neck. When I would sulk around the house and Ben was at work, Roxanne would do jump up in my lap and give me big slobbery kisses. And Marley. Poor Marley. He sometimes forgets his brakes don't work as well on the tile kitchen floor, so he would come flying around the corner, hit the tile and skid all the way to the den and make me explode into laughter. They know I need them just as much as they need me. THAT is why we have dogs. THAT is why we will never turn one away when it needs a home. It is our job to take care of these animals.

So yea. If I tell you something, don't run and flap your jaws. It's rude and it makes me strongly dislike you.

Hugs and Kisses.


H*E*E said...

Cate- Sorry your experiencing this right now! Some people don't know enough to just shut the eff up! Wishing you the best with the 5 pups. I think that is sooo exciting!

PS. I tagged you for some fun!

Danse said...

Blech. I hate secret spillers. It sounds like you're doing a good thing. Dogs are always great for a laugh.

Good luck.

(will you be posting pics?)

Cate said...

I will be posting pics the minute they walk through the door! I am so excited!