Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Number One Sign You Are Too Tired To Put Together An Exersaucer...

There is a recall out for our exersaucer, so I decided (at 8:30 at night after a long day) to open ours and see if it was one of with the serial number being recalled (it wasn't-Thank God! It was the model before ours). So...since it was open, I decided I'd build it. It can't be that hard, right?


First, I couldn't get the seat to snap in correctly. After much tugging and pulling, I get the cloth seat snapped into it's position.

Then, I couldn't get the legs to snap on. They are plastic freaking legs. It should not be that hard. So I pushed and shoved and twisted those damn legs ever which way you can think but they would not snap in. Eventually, I got one to snap in. With my finger still between each piece of plastic. Um. Ow. Ow actually isn't the word. It's much harsher. I pulled the pieces apart, threw them across the room and just burst into tears. It was not until then that it occurred to me that I just might be too tired and hormonal to put together an exersaucer (that she won't even need for another 6 months) tonight. But I get on these tangents where I think things have to be done that very minute. Ben heard the commotion and came to Abbey's room where I was "working" to find me in my undies, a tank top, surrounded by pink and green pieces of plastic sobbing. God love him for not laughing. All he said was "I think you are too tired to do this tonight. Why don't you go ahead to bed."

So here I am. In bed. Nursing my poor finger and my ego while he works on her exersaucer in the next room.

Let this be a lesson to you all. When you know you are too tired to do something, don't even attempt it.

In other news, Abbey is doing great! She's been a maniac today. On my way home, I stopped by Dairy Queen to pick up a milkshake. I ordered a small and the girls behind the counter asked if it was for me or the baby. I quickly said it was kind of for both of us since we both need to add a few pounds over the next two weeks. They laughed and asked a few more questions before one of the girls returned with a LARGE shake. They said to consider it for the baby, refused to let me pay the difference and sent me on my way. Very sweet! But- have you ever seen a LARGE shake from DQ? It's like a freakin 10 gallon drum! Who honestly needs that much? It was one of those cups you almost have to hold with both hands, lol. Out of sheer curiosity I had to look up the nutrition info when I got home. Are you sitting down? 1130 Calories. ELEVEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY CALORIES. Holy Lord. Seriously. I drank it down (poor me, right?) but promptly barfed about 1/2 of it back up. So there goes those calories. I didn't barf it up because of an pregnancy related nausea. I barfed it up because that is an obscene amount of calories to take in and 20 minutes and my body said "Heeeeeeeeeck no", haha! I barfed it up because NO ONE should drink an 1100 calorie milkshake.

So another lesson learned there. Always (politely) turn down milkshake upgrades. Or have some self control and don't drink the entire thing.



momqat said...

So if you barfed up half of it, you still got 550 calories, right?
Might want to check--that's Mom math!

Mrs. MidAtlantic said...

Haha, Lulu and I LOVE our milkshakes. But they can cause quite the tummy ache if you drink too much too fast. Dairy is just so hard to process!

Drink half next time :-)

Amanda Hoyt said...

I have the same exer for Madison but have not even opened the box yet since it's for 4 months and up and she's almost 3 months - I have 1 more month, right?? :) LOL I'm a total procrastinator since my house is way too tiny to have that thing sitting around if she's not playing in it :) I hope mine is not up for recall either but thank you so much for pointing it out - I had no idea!!
I'm so sorry you had to go through that but so glad that Ben helped you :) That milkshake story was crazy - those DQ ladies were nice but sorry you had to barf up the difference of the small to large shake!

Jessica said...

The exersaucer story cracked me up. I am glad the hubs took over! I haven't attempted to build anything, I just tell Trevor to do it.

That sounds like an obscene amount of milkshake, no wonder you couldn't keep it all down!

Alyssa said...

WOW. thank you for this information! I was about to buy a 1-2-3 tea for me exersaucer from for like $15 (I was surprised how cheap! Now I know why...). Thanks.

Kelly said...

The exersaucer is evil when trying to put it together. It took me many hours to get the darn thing assembled.