Saturday, December 5, 2009


Thanks to PCOS, I got the privilege of taking the one hour glucose challenge TWICE.


Not really...But whatever I have to do to keep me and Abigail healthy, right? I passed the first one a few weeks ago with a score of 114 (way below the failing mark). I hoped that since I had passed the first one by such a large margin they wouldn't make me take the second one. No dice. So I took it again Friday morning and passed with a 110 this time! Even better! So no more glucose tests for me!

My blood pressure looked awesome (124/79) too, so it was a great day!

And today? I washed sheets, cleaned the master bathroom and bedroom, folded (more of) Abbey's clothes (seriously running out of room!), Windex-ed all the mirrors and shot this awesome video. Please admire my lovely belly, lol. No stretch marks yet, but I am getting bigger by the day so I can only assume they are going to strike soon. Ben and I watched her move and dance around for almost an hour but as soon as we got out the camera out she settled in and got comfy. Stubborn girl. I have no idea who she gets her attitude from! Honest!

Other than that, we are all doing great! We reached the 28 week mark today which is both awesome, exciting and scary all at the same time. Just the thought that we could have a baby in ten weeks is mind numbing to me (and Ben!). I've been dealing with some bittersweet feelings regarding this pregnancy and all the fun milestones we are hitting and the fact that it is all coming to an end soon and the fact that we missed all this with Buddha. It's hard sometimes. I got really overwhelmed Thursday but thankfully Ben was home and just let me cry it out and take a nap. Just as soon as I think the healing process with Buddha is over, all the feelings of sadness and loss rip through me and I feel like part of the healing starts over. I wish we had gotten to experience all of this with Buddha, but I wouldn't trade Abigail for the world. I feel like I am almost forced to choose between the two of them even though it's impossible to do that. A power greater than I can even imagine made the decision for me and I trust that decision with my entire heart, but that doesn't mean it isn't hard sometimes. At the end of the day, I know I have a baby boy who taught me more in 9 weeks than I could have ever hoped to learn in a life time and who I am so insanely proud of and a baby girl who is teaching me how to trust and love again and melts my heart every moment of the day. I am so, so blessed to have them both and I can't thank God enough for allowing me to be their mom.



T. said...

Okay - woah at that video!! I have never seen that before! Well, I guess that's cuz I've never been pregnant. But wow, so cool! Thanks for sharing!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Cool video!
I know exactly how you're feeling - I felt/feel the same way. You are not alone in this. I'm praying that things continue to go smoothly and that you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy with Miss Abbey.
Have a great day,