Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Let it be known throughout the land...


You NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, under ANY circumstances eat the last big, soft, delicious chocolate chip cookie on the same day your wife starts her period.

It's a no-no.

Should you choose to break this rule, don't roll your eyes and huff and puff when she starts crying or the water works will start all over again.

Enjoy your evening.


PS- It wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't really trying to ration my sugar/carb intake right now and had been saving carbs ALL DAY. I know I could have gotten away with eating it without saving the carbs since I'm not a diabetic, but I'm on a really good routine and schedule right now. I didn't want to ruin it. In hindsight, I should have ate it when he was sleeping this afternoon.


momqat said...

Or, you should have eaten it!
Note to other readers: Never, EVER, correct the grammar of someone that AF has just come to visit. Especially when her hubs has eaten the very last chocolate chip cookie!

Spring break's coming! I'm gonna have a car load of cookies for our road trip!

Cate said...

Thanks, Mom.


Anonymous said...

haha, this was always an issue when I lived with mom and dad in terms of someone was waiting all day to eat the last of (what ever delicious thing it was) and someone else (usually dad) would have already eaten it. lol. It's so upsetting when you've been wanting it all day. :) I guess he knows better now!