Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One month away...

We are one month away from our original due date. I am dreading the day and all that it should have been and looking forward to it so we can be done with the "I would have been X weeks pregnant." "I would have been due in X months." parts of child loss. It's those parts that people seem to forget.

I've thought about you a lot this week, Buddha. I see babies daily now, both for school and for work, and I think of you every time I look at one of them. We love you so much, baby, and we know you are so much more happy on the other side than we ever could have made you here. This is how this is supposed to be, even though I hate it so much. Be a good boy. We plan on doing something fun on your birthday, so make sure you "check in" on us come May 7.



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EH said...

praying for you as you morn.