Monday, April 6, 2009

Let it be known throughout the land...Pt.2

If it comes down to missing a day of school or my ovaries shutting down, I am going to choose my ovaries. Sorry. I'm attached to them.

In my personal opinion, it is totally ridiculous, asinine and unfair to make me feel like I have to choose between a day of school (that can be made up) and a really important Dr's appointment.

God knows you have missed class to attend an appointment.

I should have just walked with my Bachelor's and been done.

Four more weeks. Four more weeks. Four more weeks.


PS- I also think it is stupid that the girl (me) who has to drive an HOUR to get to school has to commute three days a week, but the girl who has to commute five minutes only has to show up two days a week. Methinks it would be easier to schedule Dr's appointments if I only had obligations to fulfill/work around two days a week instead of three. Makes sense, right? /end of passive aggressive ranting.


momqat said...

Better to rant than to slash tires or punch the ignorant in the throat and risk jail time!

Erin said...

The whole attendance thing is BS. The fact they don't excuse scheduled dr. appts is asinine. If you have a "dr. excuse" you should be able to miss how many ever days you need to miss! It's discrimination to not!!!

Do they not realize drs are busy? That they only see patients on certain days at certain times (especially specialists!)

I could go on for hours about MU and their attendance policies... but it's not appropriate for a blog!! (I had a LOT of issues with them!)