Monday, July 6, 2009

First Ultrasound Tomorrow...

To say I am nervous would be an understatement. I will be 5w6d, so I don't plan to see more than a gestational sac, yolk sac and probably the fetal pole, but not the heartbeat yet.

My nausea and exhaustion have really kicked up today and I am honestly not upset about it at all. I had no nausea last time at all and was rarely tired, so I take these as reassuring signs that all is well.

I have spent the majority of today praying, begging God to give us a good scan tomorrow and great results. I have felt calm and at ease yesterday and today, so I have faith that God is taking over and providing me with the peace I desperately need.

So if you don't mind, say a quick prayer for us tonight, and always, leave your prayer requests in the comments section and I'll return the favor.




T. said...

Praying for yall. <3

Jessica Loves Trevor (JLT) said...

I'm praying for you guys! Good luck and keep praying!

Christine said...

I'm late to this, but I'm hoping everything went well for you!

momqat said...

I was sick for nine months with all three of you (you've heard that before, I know!). I heard lots of "nausea theories". The most interesting three were:
1. The pregnancy "took" (you'll be seeing a healthy baby next year).
2. The baby will have a lot of hair.
3. The baby will be a boy (boys are supposed to make you sicker. It didn't work in your case.)
I think I'll call this wee one Cloe (for clomid!).
Luv ya Cupcake!!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Hi Cate,
Hope you had a great ultrasound yesterday!
Hugs and prayers,

Cate said...

Haha, mom. Cloe reminds me of Khloe Kardashian...and she's a ho. We call this one Baby :)