Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This is real!

We met with our OB today and I could not have asked for a better visit. I love, love, love my OB (Dr. Kessler in Charleston, if you are looking for one!). She talked with us for a long time and was almost more excited than we are!

My blood pressure was 117/78 and I'm down another 5 lbs (so 12 overall). My urine test was....well...a urine test, lol! She did a quick pelvic exam and said "You have a very pregnant uterus!" Ben and I couldn't help but laugh.

We also talked about what I want in a delivery, any questions Ben or I had, etc. She was so awesome when I told her I didn't want any plans written in stone. I would LOVE to avoid a C-Section and want to attempt to go med free- both things Ben is very supportive of. We will also not cut the cord until it has stopped pulsing, just so Baby gets all the nutrients from it. We were going to bank his/her cord blood, but the more I researched it, the more I read about delaying cutting the cord being just as beneficial (not to mention cheaper). And if you don't support my initial plans....bite me ;) Like I said, nothing is in stone, everything is flexible, so we will see when the time comes. I may get to L&D and beg for an epi as they wheel me through Admitting, haha! My main goal is to listen to my body and take things as they come. My OB is on the same page as Ben and I are, so that makes me feel even better about being with her.

We also signed our contract and agreed on a payment plan and after doing all that, all I can say is "Thank GOD for great insurance!". I can't imagine doing this without it. We virtually pay nothing. My prenatal visits, delivery, postpartum appts and all my lab work will run us about $100 total. YAY! The fact that my OB is at the hospital Ben works at AND I will deliver there make a HUGE difference and for that we are thankful for. We were planning on spending about $5,000 for this whole thing, so that is a huge break in our budget!

She also gave me a B-6 Rx for my nausea, which hasn't been too bad today so far. I did my routine gagging in the shower, but managed not to vomit! YAY! (It's the little things anymore, lol!)

I go back to see her in 4 weeks, but will have my NT scan before then. And now you are all caught up! We are coming up on the time we lost Buddha last time, so I am a little nervous. I just want to get through the next week, one day at a time. I'd love the extra prayers if you can spare them this week.




Kim said...

This is wonderful news!! Yah for you guys...hope the little one takes it easy on you from here on out...you are getting closer to the 12 week mark, so hopefully the nausea will calm down! :)

Amanda Hoyt said...

Great news, Cate! I am praying and things are going to be fine. You and Baby are doing great :)
I forgot to mention in my comment from last post - if you love hearing the heartbeat - you should rent a home doppler like I did - I LOVE mine and it's not too much for the piece of mind it gives me each time I want to listen :) Email me and I'll tell you where I got mine from.

Hugs and prayers,

momqat said...

One thing I learned from all the pukies I had with all three of you: enjoy what you're eating because you'll see it again!
Tea will help the nausea and it won't burn your throat if you have reflux.
I'm trying to convince your dad that you really need some chicken soup!
Luv ya!