Saturday, June 6, 2009

You Googled What?

As I mentioned in this post, I can see how people find my blog, where they are from and how often they visit. While I was scanning through my feed, I stumbled across this gem

Portland, Oregon arrived
from on "speak of the indescribable: The Adventures of Snotty, Snobby and Potty Mouth" by searching for creamy snotty cervical mucus.

Holy. Freakin. God.

How on Earth they got linked to my blog (especially that particular entry) by searching for "creamy, snotty cervical mucus" is beyond me, but it did provide me with a great afternoon laugh. I challenge anyone to find where I ever mention cervical mucus of the "creamy, snotty" variety.


Silly Google.

Anyway, we have had a great weekend! I hope yours has been just as good! Yesterday I took a car load of crap clothes and housewares that we haven't worn/used in years (literally) to a local charity, had lunch with my younger brother (an adventure in itself), ran a few other miscellaneous errands. When I got home, we I worked in the front yard and got it mowed and looking good. To be fair, Ben did do some weed eating, but it's his weekend to work so I let him take it easy. I'm such a good wife.

Today we plan on doing nothing. We slept in (which was awesome), and spent the morning just relaxing (which we need to do more of). I might mow the back yard (which will take all afternoon, it's huge)...but I might not. The day is young...

Tomorrow I go back for another follie scan. My chart keeps hinting all signs of upcoming ovulation and my OPK's are getting darker by the day ( not positive yet, but getting there). I am hoping one of two things will happen tomorrow:

(A) I will have already ovulated and will get to skip my injection this cycle.


(B) The 14mm follie I had on Thursday will have grown, a few of our stragglers will have caught up and we will be ready to trigger and get this show on the road.

What I am hoping will not happen is that the one follie we had that looked promising will have fizzled out and we will have nothing. But that won't happen....right? It doesn't matter. God is in control of this situation and of me and if that is the case, then I have been blessed with an amazing RE who is a leader in this field and he will come up with an alternate plan of action for us. It's all good. It's all under control.

I have really been focusing on positive thinking lately and I really think it is starting to make a difference in my outlook and my attitude. So I am staying on the positive train (come join me).


PS- Hello from Roxanne, the World's Wildest English Bulldog! She enjoys belly rubs, cool baths, playing in her baby pool, long walks being carried on long walks, riding out the car window (pictured above) Pupperoni, afternoon naps, fine wine and strolls down the beach.


Mrs.G said...

In your list of abbreviations you have CM spelled out for people and then the "snotty" part of that one blog would have pulled all 3 in a google search. If you prefer your blog NOT to come up in searches there's a setting to block that. If you're like me, however, and enjoy seeing the crazy crap people search for then just leave it as is :)

Cate said...

Dear Rocket Scientist:

The Challenge was to find them all together. Not separated throughout my blog.

Thanks for playing :)

Courtney Bell said...

Hey Cate! I'm glad you found my blog, too! And of course I don't mind that you linked it to your blog. I have read a couple of yours this morning and I have to say that I love the way you write. I'm also sorry about your loss, but I love your attitude and positive outlook. Take care! :)

momqat said...

You are, like, so incredibly weird!
Thanks for texting ET yesterday. You're the bestest!