Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One Year

This will not be my most eloquent post ever (not that any of them ever are).

It's been a year since we lost Buddha.

I think about where we were this time last year and how much has changed and how much stronger and closer Ben and I are as a couple and how so, so blessed we are to be having Abbey.

Now I feel like I see everything full circle. This time last year my heart was in a million pieces and I honestly thought my life would never be okay again. Over time, little pieces came back together and reformed this stronger, more compassionate, sympathetic heart and it's just got this one tiny piece that's gone now. It just took time. It still is going to take time. But it has gotten better and it has gotten easier and acceptance has made the whole thing easier to swallow.

I see God's plan come full circle for us and how life moves on even when it seems like it will never get better. It's almost like we have the best of both worlds-an amazing son who watches over us and will protect his sister and a wonderful daughter who is doing back flips and warming my heart right now.

We miss you, Buddha.



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Amanda Hoyt said...

Although I'm late in commenting on this post, Cate, I know how you felt on this one year anniversary and wish I could have given you a hug on that day. One year was bittersweet for me too. I'm so happy for you that you have Abbey on the way, courtesy of Buddha and Our Lord - What a miracle!!
Hugs and prayers,