Monday, September 14, 2009

ER Trip: Round 2

So last Monday, Labor Day, Ben and I went out, did a little shopping, went out to lunch and really just had a text book perfect day. And then we got home.

I was bleeding. Bright red. More than spotting. Passing small clots. Not what you want to see when pregnant.

Looking back, I am really proud of myself. I didn't panic. I yelled for Ben, let him come see what was going on, he called my OB's on call number while I found Baby on the doppler. Baby was chugging along and didn't sound like he/she was in distress. My OB called back immediately (can I say again how much I really love her?) and told me if the cramping or bleeding picked up, to head to the ER.

15 minutes later, the bleeding hadn't let up and the cramping had worsened. So off to the ER we went. Still not panicked, but praying the entire way.

VERY long story short, we got a room in the ER, had a GREAT ER physician, Dr. Barry, who I can not thank enough for his great, compassionate service. For example- the lab tech (who also happened to be the idiot who did my labs the last time I went to the ER in July and is, so far, the ONLY lab tech who has made my cry bc he freakin harpooned me with the needle) MISSED on the first stick (which also makes him the first lab tech to EVER miss when sticking me). Ben was holding my hand and talking me through everything (keep in mind, by this time, we had been in the ER for almost 3 hours, I was exhausted, hungry and emotional spent) and Dr. Barry stood beside my bed and just rubbed my back. Seriously, the best medical care I have EVER received in an ER (you may remember our ER trip from a year ago (where the Dr kept referring to my D&C as an abortion, almost like it was an elective procedure) and the lack luster care we received again in this past July (where the Dr did a blood panel I had done the day before and didn't review the results of before ordering the same exact panel all over again (which is also where I had my first encounter with the lab tech from hell, mentioned above), ordered an US and sent me home-no exam, didn't call my OB, etc). So needless to say, I have NOT been impressed with my ER care thus far.

But Baby checked out well, the placenta and cord looked great, I'm still rocking a 7x9 cyst on my right side that hurts so bad I have to refrain from swearing in front of nuns at times, my blood and urine panel came back great, my blood pressure, as usual, was a tick on the low side, but still fine (low tends to me normal for me), I got a pass from work the next day and was on my way.

My (amazing) OB had us come in again two days later and have a quick US to make sure the placenta was still doing well and the Baby wasn't under any stress. Baby checked out great again, good steady heart rate (162bpm) and they diagnosed my bleeding as likely coming from the Largest Cyst on Earth starting to leak out.

So, Baby, no more tricks. I know this one likely wasn't your fault, I blame my bum ovary, but still. You rule my reproductive organs right now, so keep things under control in there! I can't imagine anything every happening to you. Just the thought of it scares me to my core.

On the plus side, we found out what Baby most likely is! W00T! But...we aren't telling. It's not 100%, but it's most likely. We may announce it after our Big US at around 20 weeks, but we are really thinking about just not saying anything. We have been so open about our loss last year, our IF struggles, our current pg-y, we just agree this may be the only surprise we get to have with this experience. And since this is still most likely going to be our only child, we think we should get to have one big surprise! Some people don't "agree" with this decision, but who cares? I don't agree with a lot of personal decisions people make but who am I to judge? Have your own baby and then make the decisions you feel are right for your family.

::sticks out tongue::

And with that, I'm out! I'm exhausted!



PS- We keep edging more and more towards a VALENTINE'S Baby! Holy Cow! That means there is only Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years and MLK Jr Day left before we have a little one!



*Amy Leigh* said...

I am so glad everything is looking good with baby, at this point, (even though you all want to know for sure...) WHO CARES what ANYBODY else thinks about knowing the sex of the baby! You and baby are healthy, that should be enough for anybody that loves you.

But it is fun to know!

ps- I know how you feel about holidays, I kept thinking like you did, valentine's day, easter, mother's day, etc-- and now, I am down to Halloween. By Halloween, God willing, I will have a baby. THAT is scary!!! It really will fly by and I am very very happy for you, enjoy every second. Don't worry about eating too much, sleeping too long, forgetting the dishes-- pregnancy is too short to do anything but enjoy. Plus, it gets kinda rough at the end!!!

Amanda Hoyt said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through that, Cate, but so glad everything came back ok and that Baby and You are ok (and that the ER was good to you this time). I'm sorry about your cyst. I'm praying for a miracle. Lord, please heal my friend!!
A Valentine's baby will be super cool :) Maybe he or she will be born on my birthday (2/10)??
Many hugs and prayers,

momqat said...

Silly Baby, kicking your cyst just to scare you!
Silly Catie, you forgot Christmas and (most important) my birthday!
Will you give me a hint so I can make the right color sweater, or just tell me what color to make!
Luv ya

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had a scare. But glad to hear that everything is ok.
Don't worry about people not agreeing with your decisions. This is YOUR baby and you guys get to decide what to do.
Yay! for valentine's baby :)
take care,