Monday, September 21, 2009

Pass the Salt....

Yesterday I felt terrible. Awful. I was nauseated, weak, really dizzy, almost disoriented. I had no appetite all week really and had been blaming it on the pregnancy and laid down with Ben for a while.

I felt even worse.

Then I started puking around 11AM. Hard. So hard it made poor Ben turn ghost white. So I took a phenergan and laid back down. The phenergan got me about 3 hours of sleep before I got up and decided it was a good idea to take a shower (don't ask why-I have no idea why). I yelled for Ben who had to come help me, a 25 year old, fully competent woman, get out of the shower, dry off and get back in my PJs.

He took me right back to bed, we listened to Baby on the doppler to make sure she was doing alright (can I just say again how much I love that thing!) and I promptly feel back asleep until about 6:30. I woke up drenched in sweat. Ben threw the thermometer in my mouth and lo and behold- I had a fever (100.04).

I took a Tylenol while he called my OB who told me to go straight to the ER. In a matter of minutes I convinced myself I had Swine Flu. Ben helped me get ready and off to the ER we went (again). Can I just say that before this pregnancy, I haven't been to the ER three times in my LIFE? NEVER. I never get sick. I never need medical attention. I avoid medical facilities at all costs.

So we get to the ER. Ben knows everyone working in the ER last night, so I go straight back to a room. They do the standard-weight (dropping still), blood pressure (lower than usual, but keep in mind I tend to run low anyway) blood work, pee in a cup, listen to Baby on the doppler, blah blah blah. The funnest part? The flu screening. I hope you could read that last sentence through all the sarcasm. That. Sucked. What they do is take two tiny wire bristle brushes that look like miniature baby bottle cleaners (these things were more narrow than a Q-Tip) and shove them allllllllll the way up your nose until you are sure they are poking your brain. And then-they leave them there for 60 seconds. You want to scream, cry and sneeze all at once, but you can't because if you do, you have to start over. So I closed my eyes, gripped Ben's hand with everything that I had (Sorry, hun!) and just breathed. It was awful and I feel for you if you ever have to have one.

Then we wait for results.

Thankfully, I remembered my laptop, so I cruised the internet, talked to my LJ ladies, considered updating the blog (but didn't) and watched TV with Ben. It took about an hour and my results were back in.

Thank GOD (seriously) I don't have the flu. I was feeling so terrible because my body had NO sodium present in my blood. None. The only sodium reserves I had left were deposits in my bones and organs. The lack of sodium left me nauseated, tired, weak and light headed. And, on top of that, I have a UTI (which apparently is super common during pregnancy). I have had UTI's before and they always come with textbook symptoms. I had no symptoms this time. Luckily we caught it super early, so a quick dose of antibiotics will clear it all up.

I am on bed rest today and will probably return to work tomorrow. I still feel like a dog, but the Dr in the ER said it could take a few days on a high sodium diet to get me feeling somewhat normal again. The only problem with the high sodium diet is the fact that I have NO appetite. Eating bland things doesn't sound fun, so eating salty things isn't exactly on my list of fun things to do today. I've really tried though.

So there you have it. I swear I am growing a Drama Queen. Thankfully though, Baby Abbey looks great, she isn't under any stress and I would take feeling 9984983984 times worse than this if it means she gets here safely. She is my number one concern at this moment and will remain my number one concern for the rest of my life. I just want her happy and healthy, whatever it costs me is fine.



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momqat said...

What was your sodium level (did they give you a number)?
Just have Ben put a salt block in the kitchen. Go out there and lick it whenever you feel the need, deer! (too funny, right?!?!?!)