Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Unwarrented Opinions.

As many know one of my siblings has gotten his less than desirable significant other knocked up and their baby is due next month. She is toxic and I have no desire to get to know her. I don't like the person she has shaped my brother into being and our relationship has suffered greatly because of it.

They try to come off as the "be all end all" in baby knowledge, I'm the world's biggest idiot when it comes to infant/toddler care (despite having TWO degrees in prenatal/infant/toddler growth and development), but what do I know.

I usually just try to leave them alone. I don't need the drama or the antics that come along with them at the moment. However, tonight, E decided it would be a good night to push my buttons, most likely intentionally (you have to agree with me there, Mom). He asked why we got a doppler and I told him because we wanted one and we had the money for one. He then proceeded to tell me what a waste it was and how stupid I am for having one and how dumb it was.

How 'bout this, darling brother. You lose a baby and then you can come back and tell me how stupid you think having peace of mind at home in between appointments is. Okay?

After our exciting trip to the ER last night (more on that to come later-I had some heavy bleeding, cramping and passed some clots; Baby is fine and I'm well, but it was scary nonetheless) NOTHING I do that I feel ensures my peace of mind and allows me to enjoy this pregnancy just an ounce more is not stupid or dumb or a waste.

That's all I really have to say about the whole issue. Don't speak on something you have absolutely no knowledge or experience in dealing with.



PS- Baby measured 5-6 days AHEAD now and weighs in at a hefty 4 oz! Grow baby grow!


sulfababy said...

Cate, I'm sorry about the hospital visit. That sounds so scary. Thank God everything is okay. I see nothing wrong with the doppler either.

;) :*

Jessica said...

I'm glad everything is okay, but I am so sorry you had to go through that scare! I totally get the doppler, as do most pregnant moms that worry about their babies. :)

momqat said...

I understand the comfort that doppler brings you. As I told you, it's not something that I would have because I would drive myself, and your dad, absolutely nuts with it! I had the same kind of issues with you that you are having with this little one. Unfortunately, Dr. Jackass told me that I wasn't crying when I got pregnant, so I need to suck it up! Bleeding, cramping, clots are frightening no matter how any other pregnancies have gone. Elliott's timing was probably not the best and, as you know, he has no filter. He says what he thinks. Be kind to him. He thinks a lot of you. Be patient with "baby momma". Tell me "I told you so" all you want when the time is right. I love ALL of my kids for the unique people they have become and I feel blessed that God gave each of you to me. I will love and spoil each grandbaby God sends to me, no matter what the circumstances.
All I ask of you is that you pick a nice room at the asylum for me!
luv ya!!!

Amanda Hoyt said...

I'm so sorry you had the experience and the ER visit the other night. I'm praying that all continues to go well with you and Baby. Don't listen to your brother. You know what is right for you and your family.
Love, hugs and prayers,