Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Appt! (finally)

You ready for a great new post from yours truly?

He (my awesome RE) was concerned with the side effects I was having, they weren't life threatening, but he said "Pregnancy is going to be uncomfortable enough on you. Let's not make the process uncomfortable." I love him.

So. The cyst on my right side went from 44mm (almost 2 inches around) to 13mm (about 1/2 inch, maybe less)! W00T! My left side is entirely clear of cysts! AWESOME!

They switched me to Provera because the side effects seem to be less harsh. I'll be on that for a week, go back next Friday to make sure everything is gone (which he seems to think it will be).

THEN we (meaning me) will start 100mg of Clomid (up from 50mg) with US's every 3 days to make sure everything is on track(skipping weekends until we get close to O time), triggering with HcG, deciding if this will be an IUI cycle or one where we do it (as close to) the old fashioned way (as we can get), then starting progesterone and then playing the waiting game.

I feel 100000% better today :) Thanks for all the good thoughts, prayers and hugs. I love you all so much!

AND I am going to start trying to document this whole process better. It's becoming a huge part of our lives, so we started today. I am going to (try to) take pictures when we go for appointments, when Ben (or his mom-depending on whether it is an intramuscular injection or not) stab me with needles or when anything big happens.

Our Second Home
(not the Breast Center, lol, though Ben would love that!)

I still have another post waiting, but it's not ready yet. It should be filled with Blogger awards and good news! Stay tuned!



Jessica Loves Trevor (JLT) said...

I'm so glad you had a good appointment! Good luck!!

*Amy Leigh* said...

Yay!!! I am so glad you have finally had some good news, Lord knows you need it!!! And I hope you get clear to (do it) the old fashioned way!! Until then, as my husband says, "just practicing"!!!

Amanda Hoyt said...

So glad the appointment went well.