Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well...Here Goes Nothing...

First pill, down the hatch. Technically, the first two down the hatch (50mg+50mg=100mg, mathematicians). Please GOD let this be it for us. This whole endeavor is getting expensive and we haven't even really hit the expensive stuff AND we have some of the best IF insurance coverage this country offers (BlueCross BlueShield, for those interested).

But really, who are we kidding? We all know money is no object when you are going after something you wholeheartedly want. We would just like to keep it on the cheaper end if at all possible.

One super fun side effect of Clomid is OHSS. From what I understand, it is very painful and something I want to avoid at all costs. Should I fall victim to OHSS, it would likely mean sitting (another) cycle out and more time wasted. I fully trust my (awesome) RE (whose praises I really can't sing enough) and know he his monitoring me while on Clomid to try to either prevent these things from happening or to treat them as soon as it is even possible to catch them.

S0, in a huge effort to prevent OHSS, they recommend drinking (get this) 100 ounces of a low sugar, electrolyte filled sports drink, basically leaving G2 (Gatorade) as my only option. Oh yea, and that 100 ounces is in addition to your regular daily water intake. This would be awesome if I liked Gatorade....but I don't. Sweeeeet. So I have 36 12 ounce bottles, each numbered with what day I'm on and what number bottle I am drinking so I can keep track of what I have drank(ex: Bottle 1.1 is Day 1, Bottle 1, Bottle 3.5 is Day 3, Bottle 5-ya following me? My OCD tends to kick in on odd things.). According to my (super fantastic) mom's calculations, I need to take in 8 bottles a day, plus water. Whatever it takes, right? I'll do whatever it takes and do so with a smile on my face.

If you see me float past your house in a river of my own urine, do a girl a favor and throw me a line, okay?

Be jealous of my abundant supply of (numbered) G2 that is overtaking my fridge. Mmmm...I see that cantaloupe already cut up on the top shelf....I see my late night snack.

And ^that^, is my darling Ben. I really can't put into words how much he means to me. I love him so much more than I ever thought I could love someone. I really can't commend him enough for being such a rock of support for me and all the different hormones and meds I have been on. I know I brag on him all the time, but I can't help it. Sorry. He has yet to miss an appt, always makes sure I have taken my meds, brings me whatever I need whenever I need it and loves me despite my hormone induced mood swings.

I took this picture last fall at the Pumpkin Patch right after we lost Buddha and it has remained my all time favorite picture. I can't even bring myself to touch up a few things I notice in Photoshop because I don't want to lose anything from the moment. The sunlight and shadows and everything are just so perfect. I love him, pure and simple. Just like this photo.


PS- Yes, I do have quite a hefty sum of money invested in photography equipment, yet still choose to use my Blackberry for some things. Don't ask why....I really don't know.


aLLie said...

good luck girl!!!!!

Megan said...

HOLY CRAP THAT IS A LOT OF LIQUID! Please don't dissolve LOL!

momqat said...

If it's possible to pee your brains out, you should be a moron in about 10 days!!
Luv ya! Always praying for you.

Mrs.G said...

You just HAD to show off that you got a box didn't you? I think you're just jealous of my ghetto fabulous ziploc baggie!!

:) Good luck. You'll be great!

Jessica Loves Trevor (JLT) said...

LOL at river of your own urine!

I hope all the peeing that is to come is well worth it!