Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Things.

::EDIT:: This is C&P-ed from my Facebook page, so the "personal blog" I mention in there is this blog :) I promise, I am not keeping secret blogs and not telling you!

I have been tagged about 18 times now but haven't taken the time to sit down and write out 25 things that I think may interest you, provide too much insight to my life, are totally random or are a combination of the three. I am supposed to tag 25 more people....but....I don't plan on it. Most people have already finished this anyway. And, as those of you who follow my blog already know, this will be uncensored and brutally honest. If you don't like it, don't read it and don't message me if you don't agree with something I am about to write.

Fun Fact #1
I used to make fun of WV and swear I would never move to this backwards "state full of freaks" (in all fairness, I was 16). Now that I live here (moved voluntarily!), I can't imagine living anywhere else. There are things that frustrate me about living here, but it is so much better- and cheaper- than living in the city. I still have all the malls, Target and restaurants, but get to live without the high taxes and crime.

Fun Fact #2
My marriage isn't perfect, but I don't want it to be. Ben is the best person for me and he is hands down the love of my life, but we both have our flaws. We have the best laughs and the worst fights, but when it matters the most and I am at my lowest points, there is no one else I want by my side. The good times are great, the bad times keep it interesting and the stuff in the just the stuff in the middle.

Fun Fact #3
I wrote my wedding vows. It is probably the most raw thing I have ever written and SOBBED while writing them, but didn't shed too many tears reading them to Ben on the day of our wedding. I still have both of our vows that I keep tucked away. The papers have been folded about a million times and there are scratches through some parts and tear marks on others, but those two pieces of paper are so important to me.

Fun Fact #4
I love our three dogs more than I love most people. Some people think three dogs, esp large dogs, is insane, but I love it. They are so funny and make me and Ben laugh so much. They each are so different and have their own personalities. When Marley really wants something, he cries and groans and it sounds JUST LIKE "Momma!". It's hysterical. Boston is so wise and I swear if he could talk, he would have a British accent. And Roxanne. Haha. She is the most expensive, destructive and loud animal I have ever seen. But she is so freakin cute and when she sleeps on her back, she snores and her mask flips upside down and flaps when she breathes. I can't stay mad at her when she does that.

Fun Fact #7
I can't STAND when people use excessive punctuation. It drives me up a freaking wall. One ! means the same as !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!. I think it makes you look dumb.

Fun Fact #6
I never knew how common subfertility/infertility and miscarriages are. I wish people weren't so ashamed of these things and talked more openly about it, but at the same time, I know how much it hurts and understand why people keep it to themselves.

Fun Fact #7
I lied to a ton of people when we were trying to get pregnant the first time and if you are one of those people, I truly am sorry. Knowing the issues I have, I just didn't want the questions and the pressure from other people. Our first pregnancy was a long time coming and very much planned, though many think it was a pleasant surprise. I felt so guilty lying to people, but was doing it to protect our privacy.

Fun Fact #8
When I really think about it, I wouldn't trade the subfertility issues we are dealing with or our loss for anything. While we wanted our first baby so much and were so excited, and while it is frustrating to actively TTC and have no luck and then to get pregnant and having a heartbreaking loss almost 10 weeks later and then having to start all over again, Ben and I both agree that God has a plan in our life and someday it will include a baby. And when we do get there, it will mean so, so much more to us than if we had gotten pregnant on the first try and not had to go through what we are dealing with. It has made us and our marriage so much stronger and our faith so much more solid and brought us to a place we never thought we would be. But for that, I am thankful. This line from "Baby Proof" is one of my favorite quotes from a book ever:
We know we'll have a baby. And we're going to have the baby we're supposed to have. Whatever baby we end up with will be the right baby. Our baby. And we know that we'll hold that child and think, "If our journey had been easy, we wouldn't have you."

Fun Fact #9
I love to make cupcakes, but don't really like to eat them. I am just not a cake person.

Fun Fact #10
I am a Judgemental Judy and I really don't care to change that. I am entitled to my opinion and usually don't care to share them.

Fun Fact #11
I have learned so much through my personal blog about myself. Writing down my thoughts and feelings about everything life throws at me (and I mean EVERYTHING- if you read my blog, then you know what I am talking about!) has really forced me to look at myself and my how I am and how our marriage is. I love the positive feedback I get from my entries (and the negative too!). People seem to appreciate my brutal honesty and the sincerity that I pour into my writing. I started writing it just for me and Ben as a way to document our first year of marriage and then our first pregnancy but it has turned into so much more than that. It is raw and uncensored and I love it and what it has done for me and other people.
(If you don't have the link yet, let me know!)

Fun Fact #12
I work with the coolest kid on the planet. He has taught me so much more than I will ever learn in a class or seminar. If our kids are half as fun as he is, then we will be in for a fun ride!

Fun Fact #13
I can't stop watching the Duggar's. I do give their courtship rituals and rules and "no kissing until you're married" things the ::sideeye:: but I can't.stop.watching. They seem like a nice family and a freak show all wrapped into one, and THAT is pure entertainment. I really do feel for that woman's vag though. I don't know how much more it can take. AND I think it is super strange how much Josh Duggar's wife looks JUST like his sisters. Awkward....

Fun Fact #14
My dog just farted and

Fun Fact #15
Ben and I make up silly songs that make no sense all the time. They are usually about someone walking past our car or sitting near us in a restaurant or about the dogs but they are always funny. Ask me and I will make a song just for you.

Fun Fact #16
We were supposed to spend our wedding night at a really sweet Bed and Breakfast. It was supposed to be romantic and awesome. It was supposed to be a lot of things. BUT we arrived there later than we planned on and the owners were already in bed and didn't answer the we spent our wedding night at his mom's cabin with his entire extended family. In a twin bed. Looking was hilarious. We had already lived together for 6 months so there was nothing new to do anyway, not to mention the fact that I was running on Red Bull fumes and was due to pass out at any minute.

Fun Fact #17
Our wedding was perfect. Nothing went wrong, the weather was amazing, we stayed well under budget and everyone we talked to had the time of their life. Some people were...well...rude but I really didn't care. It was my day and bitches weren't bringing me down. My parents and Ben's mom worked so hard on everything and really did whatever I asked and then some. I was the least involved bride ever. And it was the last time my family was all together before my grandpa had a stroke and my uncle passed away. I cherished every moment of that day and wish I could relive it a thousand times over.

Fun Fact #18
I have dropped about $2,500 on camera equipment in the last year and honestly think it is one of the best investments I have made. I have taken some amazing shots and had some really great volunteers allow me to take their wedding/engagement/family portraits. I know I can't make a living doing it, but I love to do it in my spare time.

Fun Fact #19
I love our house. It's the best. Great location, required no remodeling or paint and has more space than we need. We looked for so long and prayed for God to show us the right house for what seemed like an eternity and just when we were about to give up, the perfect house for us just popped up on the market. We put in an offer the third day it had been on the market and moved in less than a month later.

Fun Fact #20
I love Britney Spears. I have listened to her CD on repeat in my car for at least 6 weeks.

Fun Fact #21
Ben and I got Blackberry's this weekend. I don't see how I lived without one. Between the day runner and applications and constant access to my email, my life has gotten so much easier. We were talking about the first cell phone I got TEN YEARS AGO and times have changed so much. I am almost scared to see what comes out nexy.

Fun Fact #21
I really wish Ben and I had a church we could go to but our options seem pretty limited around here. I grew up in really young churches with active youth/college/newlywed ministries and were upbeat and casual. The churches we have attended here are....well....not like that. I think the average age of the attendees is 99 and I don't need to hear on a weekly basis how quickly I am headed to hell. But at the same time, I love sleeping in on Sunday's, so even if we did have a church to go to...I know I probably wouldn't.

Fun Fact #22
I am still waiting to hear back from my potential job I could potentially have if I potentially graduate this May. Everything is riding on a "Yes" or "No" and the suspense is literally killing me.

Fun Fact #23
Elephants are my favorite animal.

Fun Fact #24
I have a group of friends who "live in the computer" (as Ben says) and they are some of my best friends. They know more about me than most people who are active in my "real life" and bond with them is stronger than it is with most people in my "real life". They have celebrated with me during my highest highs and rescued me from my lowest lows. I can't imagine going through some of the things I have been through without them.

And the Grand Finale
Fun Fact #25
Without Starbucks and/or Diet Coke, I could not function as a nice human being. It is NOT pretty.

I don't really care if people don't like me. Part of me loves it when people don't like me because I know they really don't have a reason not to. If someone doesn't like me, it's probably because they have an issue with themselves, not with me.



Gossamer Wings said...

1- I don't have a link to the aforementioned personal blog
2- Write me a song, woman ;)
3- I love you!

*Amy Leigh* said...


I too live in WV by choice.

The Duggars are a guilty pleasure of mine as well.

My dog has a chronic farting problem that stinks up our whole house...but sometimes I think it's my husband blaming it on the dog.

We go to a great church that I love, but WV is pseudo-big and you may not live in my town, but if you did you could come with us anytime!

*Amy Leigh* said...

And, when I just clicked back to your page; I heard revelry by the Kings of Leon...

I LOVE the Kings of Leon.

PS-Promise I'm not a freako-stalker.

*Amy Leigh* said...


Mrs.G said...

I don't know if we can be friends anymore because of #20 (j/k I have her in my workout mix but am ashamed of it)

I really think you should find a church! I know it's hard but SO worth it!!

Love you girl!

AmandaHoyt said...

Great list, Cate! I loved reading #4 about your dogs. The descriptions you gave were prefect! I love the Duggars in a strange way too :)
Hugs and prayers,

momqat said...

I'd love to be involved in a church like Jenny and her kids. The outpouring of support and sincere love given to them when Thom died was amazing!
Watched the Duggar wedding last night. They really trashed his car!
Making up songs--is that an offshoot of Fashion Victim?
Can I have Sannies?
When's the next girl's day out?