Thursday, January 8, 2009

Can someone pass me a hammer?

Ok. This won't be long. My point is short and sweet and pretty brutally honest (which is forewarned above).

If you are not pregnant after trying for FOUR CYCLES, you are not necessarily infertile. We tried for a hell of a lot longer than that (considering we tossed the birth control about five months before getting married and were not very careful after that) before getting pregnant the first time and NEVER once sought treatment. It can take a healthy couple with no fertility issues up to a year to get pregnant and still be considered "normal". So to go running to your family doctor (an OBGYN or RE would be more suitable when dealing with your reproductive organs-one of them even has REPRODUCTIVE in the title) when you aren't pregnant after just four tries is totally ridiculous and selfish.

While Ben and I don't have a 100% infertile diagnosis, we do have noted issues (frequent annovulatory cycles and my uterus is totally not where it should be or in the position it should be in). I have not once asked for fertility treatments. I can not imagine what it is like to do daily injections and take hormones and suppliments in the hopes of getting pregnant and it infuriates me when people abuse these treatments.

If you are one of those people, you really need to look in the mirror HARD. You don't want the IF diagnosis. I don't want the issues that I have, but I will take them over true infertility any day. You are lower than low and really need to check yourself. Keep in mind, when you take up those medicines and those appointment times, you may be taking them away from a couple that really needs them all because you are being impatient. Does that sound fair?

::steps off soapbox::


momqat said...

OK, so do you want a hammer or a tissue, or both!
Take Sunday off, we'll do lunch in Charleston! I want something besides fast food! I'll bring a hammer and a box of Kleenex!
Luv ya!

Nutty mom-- said...

I totally agree