Monday, January 12, 2009

Dear Mary Kay

Many, many moons ago I used your make up and it left me with one of the worlds worst rashes of all time. I vowed to never use your products again (well...that and I went to school with your daughter and needless to say...she wasn't very nice).

So, in the hunt for the perfect eyeline (since my old stand-by CoverGirl discontinued my favorite) I took a leap of faith and tried your products again. Thank GOD I got the free samples. Your consultant (who looked like an over tanned, over worked, over made up, cracked out Barbie) PROMISED me your products had changed in the past few years and PROMISED me that all people, even those with sensitive skin, could use them with no problem. by "no problem", does that mean "You may feel the need to find the nearest spork and dig your eyes out shortly after applying our eye shadow or liner."

I even gave you the benefit of the doubt, thinking, it may just be my contact lenses.

Nope. It wasn't them.

It was the make up.

So thanks again for the red, scratchy eyes. They looked super sexy and the LOVELY red rings of irritation they left around my eyes for 2 days looked even better.

PS- Barbie is the only bitch that deserves a real pink car. Poser.

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Eve's Mom said...

The same thing happens to me when I use Mary Kay. I remember being at a friends Mary Kay party and I seriously had to get up and go wash my face off because it burned sooooo bad.