Monday, March 9, 2009

Reason # 8938439 NOT to steal

We had a bean bag chair in the den that the dogs loved to lay on (It was insanely ugly but the dogs loved it! What was I supposed to do? I had to let them keep it!). Well. Marley got pissed (literally) at Ben and when he left the room, Marley peed all over it. Revenge is sweet in his world.

Anyway, we have these pesky neighboorhood children that can't seem to keep their little punk bodies off our lawn. They always let their dog take a dump by our mailbox and I have reason to believe that they stole one of our front walk lamps (they are really cute! I don't blame them for stealing one, but it was wrong none the less). They get on my ever loving nerves and I wish their parents paid attention to half of what their children were up to so I wouldn't have to put up with the little punks.

So we tossed it (the bean bag) out the back door beside the trash cans and planned on throwing it out when the garbage service comes by on Friday. The bean bag is long forgotten.

We leave for the mall and return hours later to see our precious urine filled bean bag being swung around the ring leaders lead like he is a warrior from Braveheart, then throwing it at his minion friends. They were playing DODGE BALL with our URINE SOAKED CHAIR.

Normally, I would have been pissed before since they stole and stealing is wrong (right, mom?), BUT the fact that they were hitting each other with a giant black bean bag chair soaked the entire way through with dog urine was enough justice in my book.

Let me tell you- I had quite the hearty laugh after seeing that.



Miranda said...

This is an AWESOME story about how karma really is a bitch!

Danse said...

HAHAHAHA. Karma at work.

momqat said...

Justice: sometimes swift and funny!