Thursday, March 26, 2009

Super Quick Update

We met with my new OB again today. She told me I had PCOS, which is what the nurse told me last week over the phone. For some reason, it hurt more coming from the Dr.

I cried a little.

She was, as she always is, SO, SO, SO nice. She reassured me 398743 times she will help get me pregnant. She also started me on Metformin to help with my PCOS and gave us a referral to a new Reproductive Endocrinologist (basically a fertility specialist).

Day 1 on the Metformin hasn't been bad. I am more nauseated and have noticed a definite loss of appetite, but overall not too bad.

So if you are looking for an OB in the Charleston area, Dr. Kessler is AMAZING. She really has taken my concerns to heart and is being so proactive and supportive. She takes her time and LISTENS to her patients. Had I stayed with my old OB (who is still a nice person) I would not have even started testing until October and who knows where we would be then.


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Anonymous said...

Dr Kessler
What a great name! I bet she is great :)
Glad to hear that she is helping out and you guys are on your way. Love You!