Thursday, October 9, 2008

2/3 of 1/2 of 1/3

Soon after Ben and I moved in together, we quickly learned that the full size bed we were sleeping in was NOT going to work. I sprawl out when I sleep and Ben tends to do the same, which means one of us was waking up with their head on the night stand. So we made our first big purchase together (aside from the dogs). A bed.

We set off to the mattress store. We had a goal. We were going to buy the cheapest queen size mattress they had. We were strong in what we wanted. No salesman was going to change our minds.

Two hours and two thousand dollars later we left Mattress Warehouse with a delivery set up for the following day. A Cali-king Laura Ashely top of the line mattress was going to be delivered. An expensive big bed somehow replaced a cheap queen bed in a matter of minutes. I am STILL to this day trying to figure out how this happened, and I think I may have figured it out this morning.

When we bought that mattress, we had two dogs. Marley, the boxer, who sleeps outside in his dog house (ENTIRELY his choice-he goes freaking ballistic if you try to make him sleep inside) and Roxanne, the English Bulldog, who sleeps in her crate or she will pee on you in the middle of the night. We didn't have to share the bed with anyone but each other. It was perfect. We could snuggle for a bit and then return to our respective sides of the bed and spread out. I have never gotten better sleep.

But God knew something we didn't. He knew we would adopt Boston, the rescue boxer, just 8 months later. He knew Boston would not accept sleeping on the floor. He knew Boston would enter our lives and think we bought this over sized, expensive, luxury mattress JUST for him. He thinks it is our job to tuck him in every night and fluff his pillows-which I admit is partly our fault. We created this monster. At first, it was hilarious. We had never in our lives seen a dog who sleeps in a bed JUST like a human does! It was freaking hilarious. Now...not so much. For Ben.

Here's the silver lining for me. Boston LOVES Ben. Loves him. Adores him. Goes where Ben goes. Does what Ben does. He can't function if Ben isn't around. When Ben leaves, Boston waits on the tile by the front door waiting for him to come home. It's pitiful. Me? Eh. Boston could live without me. He only likes me when I have food. So when it comes time for bed, he wants nothing to do with me. He wants to snuggle Ben. And by snuggle, I mean sleep on top of him. I settle into my roomy half of the bed and spread out. Ben and Boston have to share his half. When I say share, I really mean Boston takes the bottom 2/3 of Ben's 1/2 of the bed and leaves Ben crammed into the remaining top 1/3 of his 1/2 (you do the math). Ben is a big guy sleeping in a space smaller than a crib.

I lay on my spacious half of the bed and chuckle. I love that Boston loves Ben.

Ben and Boston demonstrate their love for each other.
Ben and Boston at his mom's house. They are ridiculous.

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