Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dear Elaine (and whoever else for that matter)

Hi Darling(s).
Here's the thing. You see, this is MY blog. Therefore, I can write what I want. See how that works? If I want to write that all Irish people should wear purple on Wednesdays, I can write that. If I want to write that I think all democrats should be taken out back and hung by their toe nails, I can write that.
Webster's defines bigotry as a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion. As for reading comprehension, did it ever say anywhere in ANY entry that I hate anyone of ANY race, gender, sexual orientation, creed, etc? Because I didn't see that... I don't care if two men/women want to get married. It has little to no effect on me. It really doesn't. Should it be called a marriage? In my opinion, no, because MY religion that I am entitled to follow says marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN. I have no, zero, nada problem with calling it a civil union and giving them the same rights as any other married couple, but it is not a marriage IN MY OPINION. I don't care if Jim down the street wants to marry his mailbox, it makes no difference to me, but don't call it a marriage.
I respect other people's opinions. I don't chase down other people's blogs and leave nasty comments if I don't agree with them.

And just a side note, ALL of you are a CLASS ACT. Really. So far, the majority of this blog has been about the loss of our child. NOT ONE of you has left a comment of sympathy, compassion or support. You have only left negative, rude comments. You, my friends, are lower than low. I would not wish what we have been through in the last week on my worst enemy, yet you can only come here to ruffle feathers and be spiteful. SHAME ON YOU. You all disgust me. It sounds to me like some of YOU are the bigots, not me.

I will be praying for each of you this week.


Blair said...

I love you & I love this post. Good for you.

bcyouloveit said...

Thank you, blair.

Mrs.Rotty said...

i think you are an amazingly strong person and i love you!

elaine said...

I love this post, too!!

oooh-separate but equal big of you.

this post definitely shows how super duper smart and open minded you are. Proof positive, indeed!

I like how you use religion to back your "open mindedness." that is probably the smartest sounding part... They said at church that this is how it should be for everyone: so it MUST be true!

this is just getting funnier and funnier. And here's the thing: of COURSE you can post whatever you want on your big girl blog-but if you're going to advertise a link and open up comments-people are going to tell you how ridiculous you sound. If you just want to blather on with no feedback, don't open comments-easy!

Thanks for the prayers!!

And, fyi- I have given my condolences many times on the nest. And I mean genuinely that I am terribly sorry for what you've been going through, and it is very, very sad. Nobody should have to suffer through something like that. I think your signature quote is a good inspiration.

Sorry I got to you so badly.

Anonymous said...

::Biitch Slaps Elaine's post across it's ignorant asss!::

Use your name, your nest name if you are so proud of what you are writing. I am sure if you are coming off as a "friend" on the nest and then spewing hate here. One would think that you are just trying to cause hate/discord and could really care less about the issues you seem so passionate in you writing about.


Here is a thought ~ guit reading her post if you do not like them.

SHOCKING how that works!

Ba~~BYE! Don't let the door hit ya, where the good lord split ya! (Thought you might like that bible reference)

Christine said...

Well said, and although our political views may vary on some things I agree 100% with your opinion on marraige vs. civil union. You have the right to post whatever you like in your blog. Hang in there and don't let others get you down.

princessmom said...

The beauty of blogging, if you don't like something don't read it.
Love your blog!! I like reading about interesting people. And you are interesting!!

Anonymous said...


You're showing your ignorance about religion if you think it = "whatever my church told me!"