Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thanks for the reminder!

We were sitting in class waiting for the professor to arrive. One of my friends and I were discussing how busy we have been and how crazy life is when this no-class, cracked out loser decided to chime in.

"Wait til you have your baby! Then you will see how busy life really is!"

EVERY ONE'S jaw dropped. While I was out she mentioned it to everyone and emailed everyone. She rearranged the syllabus so I wouldn't have to sit through the fetal development and birth and delivery discussions. She was pissed. She made sure everyone knew when I returned to school, I didn't want to talk about it. This girl was present for this. She got the email.

All I could do was say "Our baby died."

This in turn got me the most insincere, half assed "I'm sorry" I have ever heard.

Surprisingly, it didn't make me cry too hard. I teared up, but for the first time was able to regain my composure before anyone noticed. I was proud of myself. It was the first time I really hadn't fallen apart when I talked about Buddha or when someone mentioned him.

She sucks. She will NOT be invited to my birthday party.


Christine said...

My offer still stands to beat her up for you. Just let me know.

bcyouloveit said...

Aww, thanks! lol! I think I will just try to slip her more crack so she continues to sleep through class and keep her mouth shut!

Mrs.Rotty said...

oh i'll kill a biitch. seriously. show me where she is. point her out.

i hate people!

momqat said...

I'll bake her a chocolate cake and use plenty of ex-lax! I'll also spit in the batter!