Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I love him. I really do. We have something that so many people can only dream of finding and I am so, unbelievably blessed to have him in my life. I was talking with a good friend of mine the other day who is still looking for her Mr. Right and she asked me what it was about Ben that made me know he was The One. At first I didn't know. What was it about him that made him stand out from the rest? His stunning good looks? His high power job? His large bank account? What was it? So I started to brain storm as I sat in (a rather boring) lecture and managed to come up with the following list, which doesn't even begin to cover how amazing and special he is to me.

1. I love when he laughs. It is such a sincere, hearty laugh and it makes me smile to even think about it.
2. He always offers me a bite of his food-even if we have the same thing or something he knows I don't like.
3. Sometimes when we are walking he puts his hand on the small of my back and pulls me a little closer to him. I gives me the warm fuzzies.
4. I love when he tickles me even though I act like I hate it. It is so silly and innocent, but so much fun.
5. When I don't feel good, he is totally lost and it is so funny. He always calls one of our mom's and asks for advice. He takes such good care of me when I'm sick and always makes me feel better.
6. His smile is crooked. And very cute.
7. When I get really mad and yell at him, he always yells back. I find this endearing.
8. He never lets me win. Sometimes I really hate this about him, but most of the time, I like it.
9. Ben is 6 feet tall. I'm 5'5 1/2. He tends to walk ahead of me at times. When I say something about it, he looks back at me and says "Hurry those short legs up!" Some people would find this mean, but I find it funny.
10. When he puts me in a head lock.
11. He buys me Disney movies. Even though they are for kids.
12. He always squeezes me extra tight before he falls asleep (I don't think he realizes this).
13. I love the way my head fits right in that nook between his neck and his shoulder. It's like it was meant for my head to go there.
14. When we go to the movies, he always lets me put my legs across his lap because he knows I hate sitting upright with my feet on the floor (I always sit on my feet).
15. He always lets me get whatever I want when we go to the movies or out to eat. Sometimes I get a diet coke AND popcorn AND candy. Cha ching!
16. He always compliments what I am wearing. I think I could wear something totally hideous and he would still tell me I look pretty.
17. He likes my cooking. When he really likes what I made, he talks about it all day. When he really, really likes it, he tells his mom about it.
18. Sometimes he watches Jon and Kate +8 with me. He agrees that Kate is a raging bitch with some serious control issues going on.
19. When he gets home from work in the morning he is always extra quiet and tries really hard to wake me up.
20. When he gets home from work, he always reminds me to take my temperature so I don't have to wake up to an alarm. He has learned just the right amount of consciousness I need in order to grab my thermometer and shove it in my mouth and still be able to go back to sleep. (For more information on charting click here)
21. When he watches soccer and his team scores, he slams the foot rest on the recliner down and usually swears and jumps around. It is so hilarious to watch.
22. He tries to help me with my school work. He knows very little about what I do, but he really tries to "get" it.
23. He really does get me. He gets why I get mad, what makes me happy, what makes me tick, what calms me down, what cheers me up, when to love me, when to leave me alone.
24. He sometimes brings me home candy. He knows I love it.
25. I love when he calls me at school or work just to see how my day has been.
26. He rubs the bottom of my back when I am sleepy because he knows it helps me fall asleep faster.
27. He (usually) lets me have the remote.
28. He never critiques my driving.
29. He always has to test my underwear by slapping my ass while I get ready. To make sure it fits, duh.
30. He thinks he stronger than me (not likely). I let him think that.

I will come back to this later, but it is almost 1 am and I have a packed day tomorrow. I have so much exciting new stuff to put on here, but have trouble finding the time! I promise, this weekend my goal is to update you will all of the other (exciting) things going on in our lives!

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